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Open Inventor is a popular library for 3D graphics applications development. It can be used in CAD applications and visualizations, as well as computer games. [ More... ]

Following series show how to develop 3D graphics applications starting from the simple "Hello World", up to the advanced 3D graphics applications and computer games.

  1. Open Inventor: A Library for Real-time 3D Graphics
    Open Inventor introduction
    Example 1.1: Hello Cone
  2. Installation and Usage
    Useful links, Installation on Windows, Installation on Linux
  3. Simple Examples
    Theory: Engines, Reference counting, Manipulators, Viewers
    Examples: 1.2 Cone And Engine, 1.3 Cone With Manip, 1.4 Cone And Viewer
  4. Space Scene 1
    Example 2.1: Model Viewer
    Example 2.2: Solar System
  5. Space Scene 2
    Example 2.3: Solar Light
    Example 2.4: Wire Box
  6. Space Scene 3
    Example 2.5: Wire Box Indexed
    Example 2.6: Performance
  7. Space Scene 4
    Example 2.7: SkyBox 1
    Example 2.8: SkyBox 2
  8. Space Scene 5
  9. Terrain Generator 1
  10. Terrain Generator 2
  11. Model by Hand
  12. 3D Shooting Game
  13. Tanky Game