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Following projects have been developed at Brno University of Technology in academic year 2012/2013. Projects of the various academic years are on the pages Inventor Projects 2005, Inventor Projects 2006, Graphics Projects 2007, Graphics Projects 2010, Graphics Projects 2011, Graphics Projects 2012 and Graphics Projects 2014.

The projects were supervised by Jan Pečiva (aka PCJohn, peciva at.png

Most of the projects are placed in public domain. See license information in the source files.



GPU Raytracer for OSG


What does it do:

  • Raytracing parts of scene with calculations done on GPU in shader
  • Real-time rendering of simpler scenes
  • Demo application that renders reflective surfaces
  • Added Texture Buffer into OSG
  • OpenSceneGraph, GLSL


  • Jiří Kantor
    (xkanto08 at.png

License: public domain

Source and binaries: (15.3 MB)

Report: bp-xkanto08.pdf (2.5 MB)


Raytracing of Virtual Graphics Scenes


What does it do:

  • Viewing models via gui
  • Demonstration of Raytracing method
  • Qt, OpenSceneGraph, Coin3d


  • Matej Kendra
    (xkendr00 at.png

License: public domain

Sources: (30,5 MB - with Coin3d and OSG lib)

Report: bp-xkendr00.pdf (8,5 MB)


Algorithms for mesh simplification


What does it do:

  • Program for viewing models, applying various simplification algorithms and exporting osg::LOD node (OSG, Qt)
  • Flying game prototype using simplified models (OSG)


  • Vaclav Milata
    (xmilat00 at.png

License: public domain

Source and binaries: (20.8 MB)

Report: bp-xmilat00.pdf (1.6 MB)


Physical Simulation in 3D Scene Using PhysX


What does it do:

  • Simulation of cloth, rigid body, collision detection
  • Multiplayer tank game
  • PhysX, PhysX.Net, XNA, Lidgren.Network


  • Tibor Jašek
    (xjasek04 at.png

License: public domain

Source and binaries: (23.6 MB)

Report: bp-xjasek04.pdf (0.8 MB)


Demonstration Application for Displacement Mapping and OpenGL Performance Analysis


What does it do:

  • Allows loading 3D models and preparing them as .osg and .ive files.
  • Simple shader and stateset editor, with performance analysis (using GPUperfAPI and NVPerfKit libraries).
  • Qt 4.8, OpenSceneGraph.


  • Martin Kučerňák
    (xkucer64 at.png

License: public domain

Source: (0.5 MB)

Binaries: (39.7 MB)

Report: dp-xkucer64.pdf (22.2 MB)