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Following projects have been developed at Brno University of Technology in academic year 2010/2011. Projects of the various academic years are on the pages Inventor Projects 2005, Inventor Projects 2006, Graphics Projects 2007, Graphics Projects 2010, Graphics Projects 2012, Graphics Projects 2013 and Graphics Projects 2014.

The projects were supervised by Jan Pečiva (aka PCJohn, peciva at.png

Most of the projects are placed in public domain. See license information in the source files.



Rendering of Shadows in Graphics Scenes Using Shadow Volumes


What does it do:

  • Functioning Shadow Volumes in OSG
  • Z-pass, Z-fail methods
  • Computing from every triangle or silhouette
  • Possibility of geometry shaders usage


  • Tomáš Starka
    (xstark02 at.png

License: public domain

Sources: (~KB)

Binaries: (~MB)

Report: DP.pdf (~MB)


Visualisation and Simulation in Graphics Scene Using Delta3D


What does it do:

  • Demonstration of Delta3D engine usage
  • Movement in graphics scene
  • Player-Environment interaction
  • Usable vehicle


  • Lukáš Martanovič
    (xmarta00 at.png

License: public domain

Sources: (39.4KB)

Binaries: (17.8MB)

Report: IBP.pdf (5.9MB)


Visualisation Project Based on Unreal Development Kit


What does it do:

  • Example of the use of Unreal Engine 3 possibilities
  • Fully dynamic day cycle using Matinee animation system
  • Depth of Field underwater effect, refraction, bloom
  • Vehicle physics simulation with rigid body
  • Visually rich environment
  • Light Shafts


  • Jiří Bury
    (xburyj00 at.png

License: public domain

Sources: (62MB)

Binaries: UDK Scene.exe (222MB)

Report: VisualizationProject.pdf (1.8MB)

Video: YouTube


Physical Simulation in Graphics Scene


What does it do:

  • Racing simulator at Brno race circuit for one or two players
  • Customizable physical model of vehicle
  • Two predefined vehicles (Ferrari F430, Renault Mégane III)
  • Dynamic weather


  • Marián Javorka
    (xjavor12 at.png

License: GNU GPL

Sources: (2MB)

Binaries: (40MB)

Report: xjavor12.pdf (1.8MB)