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Following projects have been developed at Brno University of Technology in academic year 2009/2010. Projects of the various academic years are on the pages Inventor Projects 2005, Inventor Projects 2006, Graphics Projects 2007, Graphics Projects 2011, Graphics Projects 2012, Graphics Projects 2013 and Graphics Projects 2014.

The projects were supervised by Jan Pečiva (aka PCJohn, peciva at.png

Most of the projects are placed in public domain. See license information in the source files.



Physical simulation in virtual reality


What does it do:

  • articulated rigid bodies
  • collision detection and force based response
  • camera, player avatar and car control
  • fps-like scene and weapons
  • uses ODE, OSG and SDL


  • Vojtěch Grünseisen
    (grynca at.png

License: public domain

Sources: (~100KB)

Binaries: (~13MB)

Report: xgruns00_bp_final.pdf (~1.1MB)