Alps100K Dataset (zip 15.1GB)


Alps100K dataset contains annotated (GPS coordinates, elevation, EXIF if available) outdoor images from mountain environments. We create a list of all hills and mountain peaks located in the seven Alpine countries from the OpenStreetMap database. The list of hill names is used to query the Flickr photo hosting service. The final collection contains 98136 outdoor images that span almost all possible elevations observed in the Alps [0, 4782m] and covers vast geographic area of the Alps. The images span all the seasons of the year and exhibit high variation in landscape appearance.


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I understand that the Alps100K dataset has been collected from publicly available source for non-commercial research and academic purposes, and that the rights, listed in file Alps100K_licenses.txt, to the photographs remain with the authors.

Whenever you use the dataset, please acknowledge it by citing our BMVC 2015 paper.