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Author: Jiří Tobola ()
Update: 1.2.2012

Longest Prefix Match refers to an algorithm used by many network devices to select the most specific table entry (prefix) which matches for given IP address. The LPM operation is typically being performed by routers, but it's utilized in several classification methods as well and can be used by firewalls and other devices. The coming IPv6 protocol and growth of internet (and router tables) create new challenges which we address by our research. The goal is to explore and compare current LPM algorithms and design novel ones focused on high speed operation and low memory usage.

List of Publications

  • Tobola Jiří, Kořenek Jan: Effective Hash-based IPv6 Longest Prefix Match, In: IEEE Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems DDECS'2011, Cottbus, DE, IEEE CS, 2011, s. 325-328, ISBN 978-1-4244-9753-9

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