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Technology / Embedded development platform - uG4-150

Author: Pavol Korček ()
Update: 18.7.2013

Embedded development platform uG4-150 (aka "micro for gigabit") is a FPGA-based board developed for wire-speed acceleration and/or processing of network packets up to 1 Gpbs. It consist of a powerful Xilinx Spartan-6 FGPA of biggest size and speedgrade. It will be used also as an experimental platform. Overall concept of the platform is shown on the Figure 1.1.


Figure 1.1: Overall concept of u4G-150.

Platform uses four metallic RJ45 ports for network connectivity, two 256 MB DDR3 memories for fast local data storage or system RAM, 16 MB boot flash for FPGA device which can be also used as a slow persistent local data storage, slot for micro SD(HC/XC) memory cards, powerful USB3.0 chip for high performance transfers to computer or attached storage device (USB flash disc), serial (UART) connection with micro USB Type B connector and standard JTAG connector used mainly for easy debugging and finally some signalization LEDs. It also consists of other components not shown on the picture (power components, crystals, passive components etc.) Board of the embedded development platform is shown on the Figure 1.2.


Figure 1.2: u4G-150 board.

Development for this platform is fully under Xilinx EDK (Embedded Development Kit) and Xilinx SDK (Software Development Kit) with own port of Linux for MicroBlaze 8.00.b processor and bootloader for SD(HC/XC) memory cards. Some other details can be found in uG4-150 platform datasheet, in the conference paper or in the technical report (in Czech).

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