Accelerated Network Technologies


Current Projects

  • SEC6NET - Modern Tools for Detection and Mitigation of Cyber Criminality on the New Generation Internet, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, VG20102015022, 2010-2015, running

Past Projects

  • Security-Oriented Research in Information Technology, MSM0021630528, 2007-2013

  • TeamIT - Building Competitive Research Teams in IT, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/09.0067, 2009-2012, completed

  • Enhanced optimization techniques for modern reconfigurable digital circuits design, FRVä MäMT, FR0298/2011/G1, 2011, completed

  • NetCOPE for the NetFPGA-10G card, South Moravian Innovation Centre, JIC-InVo-INVEA-2010, 2010-2011, completed

  • Optical National Research Network and Its New Applications, CESNET, MSM6383917201, 2004-2010, completed (Participation on Liberouter project)

  • Evolutionary desing of sorting and median networks using FPGA, FRVä MäMT, FR3042/2005/G1, 2005, completed

  • Using evolutionary algorithms for implementation of adaptive image filter in FPGA, FRVä MäMT, FR2987/2005/G1, 2005, completed

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