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Documents / Installation of MSP430-GCC under Windows

Author: Karel Slany ()
Update: 19.3.2009

MSP430-GCC je sada utilit, ktera umoznuje preklad zdrojoveho kodu napsaneho v assembleru ci jazyce C pro mikrokontroler MSP430.

1. Instalace

The latest version of mspgcc-win32 can be downloaded from Sourceforge page. To make sure that the version is working and compatible, you can download the tested and stable version from download section.

  • First, you must confirm the license. Then select a full installation.


Obrázek 1.1: Component selection dialog.

  • Select the destination


Obrázek 1.2: Destination.

  • After installation, check whether the path to the MSP430-GCC tools is registered in system variable PATH. You can do this by runing the command line and typing the command msp430-gcc. The compiler should start without any error message.

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