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Author: Karel Slaný ()

Abstract: This manual describes how to install the drivers for FTDI FT2232C device utilized in FITkit. This device establishes the communication through USB.

Update: 18.3.2009

1. Installation

The drivers for FT2232 can be found on FTDI pages. Download and extract the archive and connect FITkit to the USB.


Obrázek 1.1: Choose manual installation.

  • After connecting the FITkit to the USB, a new device is detected and installation wizard appears. Select the second option, i.e. the installation from own location. In the next dialog select the folder where you extracted the downloaded driver. These steps should be repeated for every detected device.

  • If the connection of the FITkit does not invoke the installation wizard and diode D8 is off, check the status of jumper J7 - must be disconnected. If the problem persists, you will probable need external 5V adapter as your USB port doesn't have sufficient current capacity.

2. Verification of correct installation

The correct installation is identified by red LED D8. This LED is on providing the FITkit is connected to the USB port. If the D8 is flashing, USB port is not able to provide sufficient current (this problem cause the USB hubs without external power supply) and you have to use external 5V adapter.


Obrázek 2.1: LED D8 indicates correct connection.

3. Changing of parameters (optional step)

  • If you want to change parameters of FTDI driver, please use Device Manager.


Obrázek 3.1: List of serial ports

  • In our case, Windows has assigned ports COM10 and COM11, COM10 belong to the interface connected to the FPGA and COM11 is connected to the MCU interface. Generally, the lower number belongs to FPGA and higher to MCU.

  • If you want to program the microcontroller using the tools available in the package MSPGCC, it is necessary to change the port number to be less than 10 (MSPGCC can not handle the device on ports greater than COM9).


Obrázek 3.2: Serial port properies.

  • Click on the Advanced button ...


Obrázek 3.3: Changing of the serial port number

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