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Author: Karel Slaný ()
Update: 5.10.2009

1. MCU Basics

The MCU (Micro-Controller Unit) used on the kit is a low-power 16-bit of the Texas Intruments MSP430 micro-controller family.

The MCU features:

  • low voltage supply (1.8V - 3.6V)

  • low current consumption (330uA in active mode at 1MHz and 2.2V, 1.1uA in stand-by mode, 0.2uA in off mode)

  • 16-bit RISC architecture, 125ns instruction cycle

  • 48KB FLASH memory, 2kB RAM memory (92kB FLASH and 8kB RAM in case of FITkit 2.0)

  • Additional features:

    • 3-channel DMA

    • 16-bit timers Timer_A, Timer_B

    • comparator unit

    • serial communication interfaces USART0 (asynchronous UART, synchronous SPI, I2C), USART1 (asynchronous UART, synchronous SPI)

    • 12-bit A/D and D/A converter

The 1.x FITkit version contains the MSP430F168IPM MCU, whereas the 2.0 FITkit version has a more powerful MCU the MSP430F2617.

2. Placing on the FITkit


Figure 2.1: The placing of the MCU

3. The Interconnection


Figure 3.1: Schematics of the MCU interconnection

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