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Author: Karel Slaný ()
Update: 5.10.2009

1. Basic Info

The FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) on the FITkit is a XC3S50-4PQ208C Spartan 3 family programmable gate array manufactured by Xilinx.

  • interface: up to 124 user-defined I/O, supports up to 23 different I/O standards

  • 192 configuravble logical blocks (CLBs) arranged into a matrix of 16 rows and 12 columns, 1728 logic cells, 50000 logic gates

  • 12kb distributed RAM, 72kb RAM in a single block

  • 2 digital clock managers (DCMs)

  • 4 double-port block RAM memories (BRAM) with the capacity of 2kB

  • 4 18x18-bit multiplier units

The PQ208 package was selected on purpose - it is cheaper and easier to mount. The Spartan-3 and Virtex families represent modern solutions in reconfigurable logic devices. Whereas the Spartan-3 devices are intended for general applications the Virtex family offers high performance for specific tasks.

2. Placing on the FITkit


Obrázek 2.1: The placement of the FPGA

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